The Old, the New and the Spark
The advent of web3 has prompted a paradigm shift not only in how internet infrastructure is shaped, but also in how users interact with the ever-evolving internet platforms.
Web3 can empower people that use these platforms beyond the passive role of what we know as a guest or users today, and into the more participative roles of creators, curators, contributors, and earners.
After all, if the value of the platforms is derived from those who create them and those who engage with them, why couldn’t we create a new way of doing business that redistributes the value generated to those contributing to it?
To produce the spark, our solution is to introduce a new shared value model to empower strong, diverse communities and to create, engage and contribute together to the ultimate virtual world.
The initial ecosystem will use a number of interconnected features, products, and services to gradually allow all participants to create, engage and contribute to an ever-expanding interactive experience in 2D, 3D, VR and AR, culminating with the multilayer metaverse named Virtual Pangea.
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