The Space
The Virtual Pangea space architecture is formed of blocks, creating the virtual world’s lands that the community members can mint, buy, sell and rent via non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are one-of-a-kind creations with ownership secured on a blockchain.
By leveraging the technology of decentralized ledgers (blockchain) through various smart contracts, Pangeans will have access to an unparalleled experience of connectivity through products and services that bridge the virtual space with the real-world economy.
The digital landscape has fun and interactive experiences with rewards and intellectual curiosity at its core. At the same time, social commerce will play an essential part in how the space’s economy will evolve, offering tools and incentives for all participants to build their digital presence, including brands, institutions and businesses entering the metaverse space.
Things to explore when building your digital presence in the metaverse could include:
  • Your own virtual home
  • Shared space for family and friends
  • Commercial space for showcasing, trading and promoting products and services
  • Creating events, experiences and games to monetise owned spaces
  • Building virtual museums, cultural venues and art galleries
  • Educational venues and scientific research centers
  • Virtual workspaces
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