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Market Issues & Opportunities

Market Issues
Businesses are not entering the Metaverse at scale due to the high cost of land ownership, the complex process of building 3D environments & speculative nature of investment in this space.
The land alone in mainstream Metaverse solutions can sell for over $4M for a prominent spot that still requires additional expertise to build your solution, once you have invested in the land.
Most businesses are currently not confident committing large budgets to start their Metaverse journey and lower-cost alternatives don’t offer the security or functionality of mainstream Metaverse solutions.
We are building a multiplayer Metaverse from the ground up, where businesses enter for free or subscribe to our SAAS model for additional services.
Metaverse visitors and businesses can expand their digital presence and are rewarded financially by engaging with each other. This is powered by our utility token.
The Metaverse market is set to become a 5 trillion juggernaut by 2030.
Total Accessible Market - $120 Billion in 2022
Enterprises are looking to use the Metaverse to execute marketing campaigns, learning & development for employees, meetings, events & conferences, product design, etc.
Serviceable Available Market - $13 Billion
We have the ability to reach out at the enterprise level & are able to fulfill a large portion of their Metaverse & blockchain needs to deliver experiences that consumers are excited about, such as social interactions, entertainment, gaming and shopping.
Serviceable Obtainable Market- $100 million
We are limited by scalability and Metaverse R&D, however, we have a large market available to obtain and are able to offer businesses a unique Metaverse SAAS model and cater to different communities with our accessible products and solutions.
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