Non Fungible Tokens

NFT technology will be used to create a database of unique digital assets within Virtual Pangea that can serve as standalone items. For example, artwork can be used to provide utility, such as granting access to certain areas and services within the metaverse. Using NFTs will allow Pangeans to freely create and exchange these digital items among themselves, and to properly attribute ownership and utility to the respective users.
To accomplish this, we will use the tried and tested ERC 721 standard for the creation of digitally scarce assets, as well as the ERC 1155 standard to benefit from additional functionality of batch minting (creating and distributing multiple NFTs at once) and semi-fungible tokens for various events and venues. Below are the initial ways these standards will be used within the Virtual Pangea metaverse:

ERC 721

  • Avatars
  • Tile parcels
  • Access keys
  • Artwork
  • Gateways
  • Portals

ERC 1155

  • 3D asset libraries (created by the VP team and the community)
  • In-game/in-world items
  • Event tickets
  • Participation and achievement badges
You can see the NFTs currently in your wallet using our free NFT Viewer here: