Nexus Concept

The name nexus is defined as a connection, or series of connections, linking two or more things. Virtual Pangea will offer the use of 2D, 3D, and AR layers. Across these ‘dimensions’, land parcels will be interlinked to allow Pangeans to own and use parcels of land across virtual layers.
The 3D layer allows for places and objects in the physical world to be imported and built upon while opening the door for additional use cases such as scientific research. The 2D layer will provide a familiar experience to a vast pool of mobile users and retro gamers. With Virtual Pangea’s nexus technology, Pangeans will be able to choose which level of immersion they want to experience. Pangeans will be able to choose from 3D First or Third-Person perspectives, a more classic 2D top-down view, or augmented reality layers linked to the physical world.

Endless Possibilities

With this structure of layers, the possibilities are endless. Virtual Pangea will be able to provide new ‘themed layers’ in the future, such as a complete futuristic theme, an anime world, an underwater world, a mediaeval theme, etc. This will open the door to larger-scale partnerships to create completely immersive branded experiences benefiting from the myriad of tools already developed for the other layers.

With this underlying functionality in place, Virtual Pangea will support projects that are looking to enter the Metaverse space without them having to build the technology from the ground up. Transposing Virtual Pangea’s nexus technology into the world’s first Metaverse builder brings users from everywhere to the forefront of innovation and creation.