Metaverse SAAS

In early 2000, email was king. By, 2010 digital presence was achieved via a website. In 2020 with the explosion of social media, digital presence has expanded across a few large social networking platforms. What comes next? By 2025-2030 everyone will want to be in the new internet, the Metaverse.
Whether you're a small business, doing side gigs, or you're a big established brand, in the near future your Metaverse presence will be as significant as your digital presence is through a website or your social media today.
So what is your Metaverse strategy? If you haven't quite figured this out yet and need to know how to get started, Virtual Pangea is providing a freemium SAAS Metaverse for businesses with communities in mind.
Benefits of a Metaverse SAAS model:
As a business, enter for free and mitigate the financial risk associated with existing Metaverse solutions.
Businesses and their communities can use our rewards mechanism to engage and create value together.
As we progress with our roadmap, 3 different SAAS subscription models will be made available, catering for all business sizes but also individual artists, the gig economy or simply just communities coming together to explore this exciting new medium.