Block-0 concept design
Block-0 concept design
Block-0: A Metaverse playground
Named to represent the first iteration of what is to come, Block-0 is the first immersive 3D & VR-ready experience coming to Virtual Pangea. On this plot of land, you will find a massive multistorey structure showcasing the power of NFT technology in a virtual space. With networking, games, galleries, events and plenty of tokenized rewards, Block-0 is a go-to NFT virtual space for anyone looking to interact, shop, learn, explore, collect and just have fun. As a business, enter for free and mitigate the financial risk associated with existing Metaverse solutions.
Built on Unity as an immersive 3D world, ready for VR and also optimized for mobile, a multiplayer gamified experience with up to 50 players per server.
Real-time persistence economy (NFT marketplace) with community features including digital identities via customizable avatars that can spawn in different parts of the block.
Social utility with player chat functionality, Metaverse objects interactions that help to connect people on specific topics, see what others are doing, follow trends and get on top of new information, with cool ways to improve your digital status and identity.
Vertical and horizontal quests and challenges are organised across Block-0 by different communities, businesses and partners, where all the participants get rewarded for contributing and participating.
Entertainment & educational utility is primed to help all participants relax, wind down, and maybe learn something new while keeping it fun.
Block-0 in-game view
Block-0 structure
Over 100000 square meters divided over 6 themed floors that will be developed at different stages.
Real-Verse Museum - A floor for art and other cultural institutions, galleries and art aficionados
Digiverse (Web3, NFT art) - A space with booths for web3 projects and communities.
The Arcade - A gaming floor filled with adrenaline and portals to games, gaming projects booths and gaming events.
The Emporium - A space for shopping experiences, product discovery, digital tourism, NGOs and institutions.
Sports & Events - Event venues and shops for all things sports, music, etc.
The Pyramid- The top floor, which is reserved for VIP lounges and private events.
Block-0 floor concept design
As we progress with the release of each floor, we will work with partners and communities to refine the floor's layouts, look and feels and also add further functionalities that will be revealed incrementally.
Further development will constitute minting further blocks that will expand the Virtual Pangea Metaverse incrementally so that we maintain a rich and furnished environments throughout the process and so that we can readily adapt the world to meet the exciting new opportunities sure to come in the Metaverse space. Further details on this element to be presented at the second stage of the project.