Our Mission

We are building a multiplayer SAAS Metaverse from the ground up! A new internet that you go in not on, where businesses and communities are rewarded when engaging and creating value together. All powered by game engines and blockchain technology.
Virtual Pangea's fundamentals are built around a gamified network of user-generated interactions, content, and services, supported by a number of integrated SAAS products and tools. When combined, these provide a comprehensive economy in an immersive environment that supports projects and their communities based on these four pillars; Play, Create, Connect, Belong.
Play. Everyone is invited to have fun and play in an immersive and captivating GameFi experience built by the community, the in-house development team and partners. Having at heart the thrill of gaming with added blockchain mechanics.
Create. Building a makerspace for pragmatists and dreamers alike. In addition to the plethora of dynamic activities offered to Pangeans, the community will be able to conceptualize, create and build 2D and 3D environments designed for world builders, tech gigs, art creators, and content curators in an open economy environment. Everything that can be imagined can be built.
Connect. Making connections and networking in the virtual world transcends the limitations of an unpredictable physical world (distance, bad weather, pandemics, etc.). Virtual Pangea offers a medium of connectivity via a Metaverse SAAS model for emerging technologies and services to be developed for the benefit of all types of communities and businesses.
Belong. Bridging the gap between physical and digital identities. Empowering users through virtual asset ownership and fair compensation makes Virtual Pangea the ultimate space for integrating and belonging in diverse communities.